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Sophie provides online-live video psychotherapeutic counselling, mentoring and coaching services  via secure video-conferencing (known sometimes as tele-health) to your home, office or anywhere you find safe and private.  Sophie also offers in-person (face-to-face) sessions  to support you through mental health and wellness difficulties, concerns or life problems

Sophie can help you with mental health and to better craft and live a life that is authentic to you using integrative psychotherapuetic approaches and evidence-backed methods.  

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"My core style is in Person-centred counselling and this is always at the heart of my services. 

In practice, I am integrative and take a whole person approach which means that I draw from many therapeutic  and psychological perspectives, because I believe that no one model fits all, so I enjoy a variety that I can draw upon to best meet the needs of my clients."

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Hello, thank you for visiting =] 

''A very special thank you sent with love. You've been so kind Sophie, thank you so much! You are helping me. All my love.'' 


''I used to work with Sophie not long ago with 1-1 sessions. Before I went to them I was scared to open up to anyone due to trust issues. But Sophie changed how I saw stuff in life. She made me feel that I was important. She never judged, not one bit. She’s a fantastic counsellor with a heart of gold. Since my sessions ended I have been more confident. She’s a caring reliable individual who always has time for you. Thank you so much for understanding me and being an outstanding counsellor :)''


''Sophie was so helpful during the counselling sessions. She recognised my personal issues and gave me strategies in order to resolve them. Also great laughs. Smiles all the way through when not on emotional topics. Did let a few tears out, but it is about opening up.''


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