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Updated: May 16, 2019

I do what I do out of a sincere desire to help others, because guiding them and seeing that spark of hope is a real motivating force for me.  I genuinely want to support others to find and express their true-self (be that through being more in control of their thoughts, behaviours and feelings or knowing that they are learning more about themselves and have a clear vision again for their life) because I believe that being authentic is a powerful thing to be.

It follows that these are the personal policies and guidelines I have chosen to inform my services. Please take the time to read before choosing to work with me.


All clients must provide me with their name, phone and email when purchasing a session. This is so I know who I am working with and have a way of contacting you outside of a session should I need to.

My 'no show' policy is simple.  If you fail to show up for your appointment due to forgetting or unforeseen circumstances, it's fine to rearrange. However, on our next appointment, please let me know why you did not attend. If further instances occur, I will respond at my own discretion. Please note: no show appointments can only be rearranged - they will not be refunded.

Online sessions are carried out at the time of your choice. You will receive a confirmation email once your purchase is completed - simply follow the link provided in the email to join our appointment at the correct time and date. 

If you change your mind about a session after you have purchased: For a face-to-face appointment, just call or email me within 24 hours of your appointment time and I'll offer a full refund. Last minute refund requests will not be honoured - for instance, requesting a refund on the day of your appointment.  For online bookings, follow the link to cancel or reschedule in your confirmation email generated when you booked the session. 

I cannot give refunds for completed sessions which are found to contain unsatisfactory advice or insights. My work is not about telling you exactly what you want to hear. Be sure that you are ready to be challenged by some of the content in a session. At the same time, I will only be honest with you.  I am not a financial adviser, lawyer, business analyst, nutritionist or doctor so I will only encourage you to seek advice from professionals in those fields.                       Please do not book multiple packages of sessions. Mentoring and counselling packages should be purchased one at a time. Once your package is completed, you can book another. If you would like to purchase more than one for some reason, please contact me so that we can discuss your requirements and organise something at my discretion.

Please think carefully before ordering a counselling/mentoring package (or any other form of ongoing, long-term work). I can offer refunds for outstanding sessions if you change your mind about the extent of the commitment, but it is highly inconvenient. If you are unsure about how many sessions you'd like, please just order one in the first instance. Once you've got a sense of how it works, you can feel free to order more. If you order a package of sessions or  and then wish to change your mind and seek a refund, please do so within THREE MONTHS of the purchase date. Outstanding, unclaimed purchases of over three months cannot be refunded.

All purchased counselling/mentoring packages MUST be completed within a three month period. I suggest organising the sessions either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If possible - book all three of the sessions in your package as soon as you receive the online schedule so that you're not tempted to delay on booking the second and third one. If you forget to book a session for a while, I will email you with a friendly reminder, but please keep in mind that this creates extra work for me and I would rather avoid having to do it. Any unclaimed sessions which remain unbooked after the three month period will be cancelled without a refund unless we have agreed upon an extended time frame.

Rearrangements for online appointments. You can rearrange your own appointment using the button provided in your booking confirmation email. If you have less than 24 hours until your appointment, you will not be able to amend the schedule and the session will be charged. This is due to a need to plan my time.

If you are over ten minutes late for your appointment, it will be considered a 'no show' and you will be asked to rebook. This is because going over ten minutes into the session time means that there is not enough time for you to gain the maximum amount from the session.

Email correspondence between sessions is at my own discretion and is not included in the purchase price. If you wish to send me any email updates regarding the things we are working on in your sessions, please be aware that responses are not obligatory and I may not have time to read through your correspondence and reply in all cases. I advise that clients take notes of their thoughts between sessions so that we can refer to them 'on the clock' rather than in interim emails. This way, a client receives my absolute attention and nothing is overlooked.

Items which are received as instant downloads cannot be refunded. Upon purchasing items such as audio workshops, you are supplied instantly with the links, rendering the transaction complete. If you have technical issues or other problems with digesting the content, please email me so that we can come to a private arrangement.


I cannot offer sessions to anyone under the age of sixteen. If you're under sixteen you're still welcome to purchase video workshops, instant downloads etcetera.

I always guide objectively, not instruct absolutely. The ultimate decisions must be made by you alone - you have autonomy over your own decisions and actions. My role is therefore to empower and motivate you. My sessions are designed to explore your options and help you to deepen your understanding. All ultimate decisions will be yours. You are your wisest adviser, I'm here to reflect what I hear and see, drawing upon my over a decade of experience in mental health - so you sleep on and ultimately decide anything I say to you.

My services are not a replacement for crisis mental health intervention. If you have chronic mental health issues that you need to address and you are receiving the appropriate help from a licensed professional, you may find a session with me to be a great addition to the work you are already doing. However, I should not be the first port of call for dealing specifically with a mental health crisis as they can not replace the specialised and/or ongoing care provided by a hospital or outreach service. This doesn't mean you can't book a session with me if you have a mental health diagnosis. Additionally, if you are feeling unsafe or unstable, a session with me will not provide the immediacy and urgency that you require. Please consider the most appropriate course of action in that instance. Reach out, please. Alert someone in your life to your issues.                                                                                                  

My sessions are person-centred. This means that when addressing your relationships with others, I do not place focus on the other person involved but instead on your emotional responses, actions and feelings. I feel that it's unethical to delve into the psyche of someone who hasn't asked for it, so the services I offer focus on how you can deal with the connection from your point of view.                                                                                                 

All information offered by clients is kept in the strictest confidence. In my sessions, I do talk about themes and focus areas that I've tackled in my work with clients and what I have learned from my professional experiences. However, I never use specific client stories or offer any specific client details whatsoever so your story would not be identifiable back to you. 

I do not answer specific questions about matters of the law, financial issues or health queries. Please do consult appropriately trained professionals for those kinds of concerns although I can provide you with information, advice or guidance and referrals.

Please do not purchase a session on behalf of someone else who is not aware of it. If you'd like to give someone a session as a gift, please given them the fee as a gift from you.

I reserve the right to listen to my intuition at all times. If I don't feel that a session would be appropriate or I have a sense that I am not the correct professional for you, I will tell you why and provide you with some alternative professionals you can refer to. 

I am all about healing, self-exploration and coping strategies to improve every day life. I encourage proactive pursuit of goals and each session can include focus areas, action plans and ideas for journalling work to extend a client's progress into the long-term. 

All of my sessions are intended to be both nurturing and empowering. I do not believe that you should be encouraged to be a passive observer in your own life but to accept that you are in charge of it and take ultimate responsibility for it. All of my sessions are intended to have real therapeutic value and to offer a different perspective where necessary. Tough-loving messages may come up. I will deliver them with the highest level of sensitivity because the goal is for you to make the necessary changes you need to but at a pace you can cope with.         

I like to be respectful of pronouns. If you'd like to make sure that I'm aware of yours and/or your partner's pronouns let me know in our first session as it's your time and journey.                    

I do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. Equality and acceptance is absolutely a core value I uphold.                                                  I am happy to discuss your needs with you before you make a purchase.  If you're unsure of whether or not we could work effectively together or you don't know which purchase option is appropriate, please email: and title your email, 'CLIENT QUERY'. Please be patient when awaiting the reply.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and inform yourself.

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