What's the therapy room like?

Updated: Mar 21

I want my clients to feel as comfortable as possible in the room where they will be emotionally vulnerable. Because of this, I have tried to make the room as beneficial and appealing to most people and have options to alter it.

If you aren't comfortable on the sofa, please feel free to ask to try a chair - there are options in the room and hey, if you'd prefer to sit on the floor then please do so!

I have over head lighting and soft lamp lighting.

Large windows that let a lot of natural light in that can be adjusted - it's still private - no one can see in.

You can ask to have music on in the background if that helps you.

I have a portable radiator if you are chilly and there are blankets and cushions if you want to get more comfortable and cosy.

I usually burn a candle and sometimes they are scented - you can ask me not to if you prefer.

I sometimes burn incense at the other end of the room - again you can ask me not to or tell me what your favourite scents are!

You can even take your shoes off if that helps you feel comfortable too.

Be safe in the knowledge that no one can hear you when you're talking in this room - the connecting and above room is always unoccupied while there is a session taking place.

I have two super friendly and chill cats - clients have previously asked that they be present in the room. If you would like them in the room, I leave the door ajar so they can come and go as they please during your session.

Finally, I am happy to use the pronouns that you prefer.

One angle of the therapy room as a typical set-up

All in all, I hope you feel comfortable at Wild Robin,

To learn more about working with me click on the FAQ page here.

Sophie xo

Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, UK

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