Spiritual Counselling G Transcend your Troubles

If you look at life through more of a spiritual lens and want it to support you in working through issues, then spiritual counselling with me would allow you to work with someone who doesn't discount your beliefs.

My working style is very grounded and open-minded, so whatever your religion or spiritual path is I am happy to hold space and help you. 


You may wish to explore spiritual counselling if you want to:

  • discover more of or about your spiritual side 

  • work through personal “shadows” or "light issues" 

  • conduct inner-child working 

  • work though impostor syndrome 

  • actively work with archetypes present in your identity or have support discovering them

  • address toxic comparison etc...

  • use more spiritual methods to discovering yourself, passion, mission...

  • use spiritual methods to support mindset and behaviour changes 

  • just have a spiritual psychotherapist!

I will most likely recommend you to be dedicated outside of our sessions too (which of course you're already up for ;] ) meaning that, dependent upon you and your needs there may be journaling, meditations, rituals etc. to progress your psycho-spiritual development as well as support any of the issues that are being addressed with counselling.

I'm a directive counsellor, I don't just sit back and tell you you have all the answers within you.  You do, but sometimes we need help teasing them out and that's essentially my role.

(I have been intentionally spiritual since 2002, studying & practising the esoteric, metaphysical, other religions & philosophies, meditation, yoga, divination systems & tools, Reiki, L.O.A., and studying magickal theories, alongside my academic psychological training and research. Find out more through my Instagram and videos).

Find out more information here, including rates etc.

Tel. 07436 113349

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