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Best Apps for Mental Health Support

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

There are many free apps for use to support various aspects of our health but which ones are clinically sound and recommended as they meet strict standards? The use of apps can be helpful to help you build habits, reinforce or complement the work already being done in therapy or as an intermediary while on a waiting list to receive personalised support or therapy.

Many of these I either use myself, have tried so that I feel personally confident in recommending them to my clients or have had recommended by my clients who use them. Most of these are free entirely or have options to upgrade the service to a paid version if you like the free one and want access to more features.

Finch: This is truly a cute and fun little app in itself with so much more to offer than it's adorable surface! It is very customizable meaning you can create your own "journeys" with goals that you stipulate entirely to help you reach the journey destination. It has lots of helpful exercises that you can use in the moment and both free and paid versions are fabulous. This is my number one recommendation for a wellbeing and goal tracking and motivating app. If you do download, consider using my friend code: D5PQAX279E so we get a boost of rainbow stones =]

Flo: Not only is this a brilliantly simple menstrual cycle tracker, it has loads of additional content around wellness that can support you in learning about yourself and all of the many ways that you can improve your menstrual health and emotional health. It also serves as a mood tracker and each month something new is added to the app to keep it fresh and it really is dedicated to being a greatly useful support tool. It's one I have used myself for years and will continue to use.

Calm: A great App to add into your evening routine. It has a lot of things to do with meditation and mindfulness and generally is helpful with sleep. If improved sleep is something important to you then this app would be worth a try for the free version.

Headspace: A popular app to teach you the basics of mindfulness and how to meditate. I would hope that we all know by now the infinite benefits of daily meditation and mindfulness practices on our psychological, emotional, physiological and biological health and wellness. If you are looking for an easy intro into these things then this app can be a helpful place to start on that journey.

Finch: The best (and cutest) self-care app I have come across. It is really easy to use and very customisable. Create schedules and routines based on your goals and needs. A lot of accessible features in the free version as well.

Youper: A mental health AI app which helps you track and check in with your moods. Helps you identify patterns over time and develop more self awareness. Lots of customisation settings and more options with the paid version although the free one is still very useful!

Daylio: A mood tracker app that can also serve as an emotional journal. Helps to improve emotional intelligence over time and develop your self-awareness through pattern tracking and the suggestions in the app.

Blue Ice: Aimed at young people to help them combat urges to self harm.

Calm Harm: Aimed at adults to help them calm urges to self harm and develop new strategies of coping.

Chill Panda: Teaches you various different breathing techniques to help with stress management and generally promoting calmness.

Cove: A little different, this one gives an outlet for the user to create music that expresses how they feel and helps them process through difficult feelings.

DistrACT: A discreet app that helps when experiencing suicidal thoughts.

eQuoo: This app helps you develop emotional intelligence and fitness through games.

Felling Good: Positive Mindset: This app uses audio tracks to help you relax your mind and body and feel more positive and build confidence. It's pretty hands off which is a nice option to have.

MeeTwo: A forum style app for teenagers who want to safely express issues affecting their life.

My Possible Self: Designed to help you free yourself of worry, anxiety, fear and stress and general unhelpful thinking that is holding you back.

SilverCloud: An 8 week course that goes at your pace to help you manage stress, anxiety and depression.

Sleepio: A programme designed to help you fall asleep faster.

Stress and Anxiety Companion: A mixture of relaxing games and breathing exercises to help you change unhelpful thinking styles.

Student Health App: Designed for students to give them the information they need to manage their health, reduce worries and gain confidence.

Thrive: Uses games to help you improve your mood and learn to manage stress and anxiety.

WorryTree: Designed to help you record and manage worries.

Paid for Apps

Be Mindful: This app also teaches you mindfulness with the goal of using it to support a reduction in experienced negative stress.

Beat Panic: Teaches you how to overcome panic and anxiety.

There's sure to be something to help you here.

Best regards,

Sophie xo


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