I facilitate freedom for anyone to make a deep and lasting change in their life. Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you to soar through going to the root of the issue and healing it - for good

Rapid Transformational Therapy

This therapeutic approach has won 30 awards to date

  • I am a certified RTT practitioner and certified Hypnotherapist

  • Many things can be addressed with just one session e.g. phobias, confidence for an upcoming interview.

  • Complex issues such as PTSD, would require three sessions, possibly more.

  • Some people want to address multiple issues and therefore are happy to have more than one session.

  • Some clients may want to try RTT for a main issue and then want more of a psychotherapy or coaching approach from that point as they like having someone like me to talk to or to guide them with their general goals and keep them accountable. 



RTT can help with:


Bad habits







Not able to give 100%

Not feeling enough

Not feeling good enough

Not feeling likeable

Not feeling loveable




Problem behaviors

Problems connecting to people

Problems trusting others


Public Speaking


Ulcerative Colitis

Weight control issues

  • I make sure all new clients feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. 

  • During your first session, we will have a discussion where you can ask any questions and we talk about the primary reason for seeking therapy.

  • Prior to the first session, we will exchange some details and review the therapeutic contract, which is a legal formality and really it is there to keep us both safe, and you should find it answers some questions about how my services work (booking online sessions - you will read and have time to accept the contract via email).

  • Upon receipt of your signed and completed contract, I will then send you a link to the intake form, which you will complete and submit it to me in time for your initial session.


I work with people aged 12+ for RTT (16 - 17 year olds do not need parental/guardian consent in the UK but it is preferable, 15 year olds and under must be referred by a parent/legal guardian).

If you have current psychotic episodes and experience psychosis, I cannot work with you using RTT. If you lie to me, knowing that you have schizophrenia, choose to not tell me and then receive a session that causes you to experience adverse reactions then I am not liable and take no responsibility for your welfare in this instance. 

If you have been free from psychotic episodes for four or more years and wish to receive RTT, then you must provide me with a letter from your psychiatrist or medical support team explaining how long you have been without an episode and that you are fine to receive hypnosis. I need this for my own insurance and it is also for your own safety. I will have to authenticate the letter by confirming it with the support team myself when I receive it, before undertaking any work with you.

What Clients Say

Counselling with Sophie exceeded my expectations. She created a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where I could talk openly. Sophie is very understanding and is very easy to talk to. Sophie gave me excellent advice and support to help me through a very difficult and stressful point in my life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sophie to anyone who is finding life difficult. Thank you so much for getting my life back on track. It means a lot and I know my family would echo my thanks.

— L.C.

~ Payments are typically made via BACS or PayPal 

~ Sessions are for up to two hours - it is essential that you leave adequate time after your session for self-regulation and care 

  • Work full-time (35+ hrs/w):  = £150

  • Working part-time (34 hours or less p/w):  = £140

  • Student aged 22+:  = £130 (Current student ID card to be seen)

  • Student aged 20-21:  = £120 (Current student ID card to be seen & proof of age e.g. driving license)

  • Student aged 18-19:  = £110 (Current student ID card to be seen & proof of age e.g. provisional license)

  • Student aged 17 and 16:  = £105 (Current student ID card to be seen & proof of age e.g. passport)

  • Child aged 12 to 15:  = £100 (Proof of age to be seen e.g. birth certificate - fee will increase on birthday)

  • Discovery Call: up to 15 mins = free (for if you aren't sure what service is right for you & you'd like to chat first) 


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