y What is the booking process for in-person sessions?   

  1. Submit an enquiry via the contact page or box below - include the service you want, your availability for sessions/when the best times and days are for you, and how soon you wanted to start so that Sophie can offer you the most appropriate time slot to make arranging a session go smoother.

  2. Sophie will reply to your enquiry asap and provide you with answers to any specific question you may have asked and send you the therapeutic contract for you to read through before proceeding.

  3. If you are happy and understand the contract, inform Sophie of how you would prefer to pay for the session.

  4. Once the fee and appointment are agreed, pay for your session to secure the booking.

  5. After your payment has been received, Sophie will send you the locations full address

  6. During the first session, the contract is signed (if not e-signed and sent), your therapy goals or aims are set in accordance with what you disclose, and your therapy journey has begun! 

p What are your fees for in-person sessions at your office?  Payments are typically made via BACS or PayPal (see blog post on polices and ethics for further information, in addition to the therapeutic contract if you want more information about how I work, what I do and don't do etc.). 

~ Sessions are for 50 mins 

~ I also provide 80-minute sessions for those who want to go deeper, cover more, or feel they have a lot to say and 50 minutes doesn't seem enough [If you would like longer sessions tailored to you, please enquire with an outline of what you would like included]. 

  • Work full-time (35+ hrs/w): 50 mins = £45; 80 mins = £60 (a discount is provided after 6 sessions if requested)

  • Working part-time (34 hours or less p/w): 50 mins session = £40; 80-90 mins session = £55

  • Student aged 22+: 50 mins session = £35; 80 mins session = £50 (Current student ID card to be seen)

  • Student aged 19-21: 50 mins session = £33, 80 mins session = £48 (Current student ID card to be seen)

  • Student aged 18 and under: 50 mins = £30; 80 mins = £45 (Current student ID card to be seen & proof of age e.g. license)

  • Trainee counsellor: 50 mins session = £30 (proof of current Level 4/5 course participation to be seen)

  • Couples: 50 mins = £55; 80 mins = £70 (e.g. a romantic couple, a parent and their child, two roommates, two friends etc).

  • Telephone consultation: up to 10 mins = free (for if you aren't sure what service is right for you & you'd like to chat first)    

p What are your fees for online Skype sessions?  Payments are the same as in-person sessions

  • Virtual tea /coffee: up to 10 mins = free (for if you aren't sure what service is right for you & you'd like to chat first)                                                        

Why do you require payment upon booking a session?  This is known as advanced payment as you pay before the session. This secures the session as an appointment in my diary and is a common practice within the USA and other countries.

I’m never upset with clients when they miss an appointment, I know that’s life. In return, my clients understand that scheduling an appointment with me is like buying tickets to an event. If you miss the event, it doesn’t matter why you missed it, or even if it was your first time, you can’t turn in your tickets for a refund. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will also incur the full fee for the session. In the event of me not being able to give you a session due to illness or emergency, I will give as much notice as possible and give an alternative time and/or date.

Research shows that this method helps with client attendance and management of their appointment: I have found over the years that some people will not attend a session because they did not set aside money to pay for it, which can result in them going weeks or sometimes months without a session that they need, and slows down the progress of therapy. I ask clients to do this whether they have financial problems or not by way of fair treatment. It also makes it more likely that you'll commit to yourself and your appointment since you have already purchased it, meaning that you can progress further! 

If for some reason you do not attend a booked session or communicate to rearrange, it also means that I can continue to run my services at the competitive price that I do. Many therapists charge highly for sessions because they are self-employed and don't have the benefits of sick pay, holiday pay, company pension contributions, and other allowances, or payment for all the work for you they may do outside of your session (therapy notes, process notes, supervision, emails, research and so on) etc. It is also a part of running a service because there are people who need and want therapy/coaching so otherwise that slot goes to waste because someone else could have had it. Therefore, I have found that advance payment is the fairest for both clients and me. 

How do online sessions work - what's the process?  When using the online booking process for a remote-video or audio-only session, firstly you select the type of session you want and then the date and time you like from those available (if you require a date that is beyond those displayed then please contact me to book in and I can make that date available for you, or if a time isn't available then contact me as I may be able to make it available to you). 

Secondly, you will be prompted to input some information to secure your booking, this is no different to what would be gathered had we had a phone or email booking for an in-person session. 

Thirdly you will be taken to the payment page (prices are displayed on the book online services page).  Once payment is processed, you will receive an email receipt.

You are then advised to request me on Skype and you will shortly receive the therapeutic contract PDF in an email to review before your session, sign (using Adobe annotate or PDF Sign, which is standard in most PDF readers) and email back.  There are further instructions on the email for how to prepare for the session.  

Read more on how the process works and Skype here on this blog post.

Payment when outside the UK: if you have a non-sterling bank account, then my bank does not charge me to receive, or you to send, payment in a foreign currency to my bank account. I cannot say whether your bank will charge you to send to a UK account - it is unlikely but if you are concerned please contact your bank for more information. 

MIs the initial session a different fee?  The first session is charged at the rate of your other sessions as it lasts as long as any other full session. I have found that this works better because people tend to find themselves relaxing and want to speak more but then the time does not permit if it is a short initial session. I find this unethical because my client will have opened up and then has to leave, so I choose not to work this way. I endeavor to provide as much information as necessary before the session so that my client is comfortable and has a good enough idea of what it would be like to work with me. I have also found that people who are really adamant on a short "introductory session" are not actually ready for therapy according to Person-Centred theory. I provide a free 15-minute telephone consultation as I am always happy to answer a question over the phone or online if there is any prior query or trepidation, perhaps due to anxiety or nerves of speaking with someone new. 

D Telephone Counselling Sessions: Telephone sessions are available for those who want a really quick intervention, or any other reason.  These are charged at £30 for a therapeutic hour, or £15 for half an hour.  Sessions must be booked with me directly (not via the email services page).  When confirmed you will be emailed the therapeutic contract PDF to read, sign using Adobe Annotate or PDF Sign (a standard option in PDF readers) and send the signed contract in an email back to say that you have read the contract and agree to it.  You will then be sent payment information and pay prior to the session when it is booked

For existing clients who want to speak with me as their therapist in-between booked face-to-face sessions, you are able to do so at the above rates, minus £5.00, and to pay via BACS or PayPal. 

Email Coaching/counselling: You are free to address whatever you feel you need to, I work to what you would like to cover as long as it is not legal advice or relating to a physical condition where it is best to seek out a GP or medical specialist in the field relating to the physical problem. Find out more about the policies and processes that this service is subject to here
Once you have purchased this service, please email me your question and put "Email service" and your order number in the subject line. I do get an automated notification from this site as well. Get as specific as possible with your question. The more informed your question, the better I can formulate my reply to be as helpful as possible.  
Please note that once I’ve responded to your email and if you’ve only purchased one I won’t be able to reply further unless a new email service has been purchased. If you purchase multiple’s then I will reply as part of your package. So make sure to get really specific in your email to me, so that in return I can be specific for you too. Email packages once purchased are non-refundable unless I can’t fulfill them for any reason – then a full refund will be issued. Purchase means that you agree to the following terms and conditions
Please allow 2-4 working days for me to reply to your questions, if demand is extremely high at any point then I will email you to let you know a rough estimate of when you can expect to receive your reply.  It takes me up to one hour to answer a detailed question as fully as I can.

Advice for single males: It is not uncommon for those desiring a relationship to misinterpret the therapeutic relationship. Whilst I do my best to realize if a client is reading into something that is not there between us and correct this, it occasionally is not clear to me as a practitioner. Feeling comfortable to express yourself and be in my company, share humor and feel understood, is part of the therapeutic process, it does not indicate romantic love or sexual interest from me towards you. The services I provide are professional and listed on this website, there is nothing additional. To put it very plainly: under no circumstances or situation will I cheat on or leave my husband. I am in a monogamous relationship and threats of slander or physical violence against me or my family because you have been rebuffed will not be tolerated. Any form of harassment or malicious communication will be reported to the police immediately who are aware of the nature of my business and the risks it poses. 

J How do I find the right therapy for me?  Research consistently shows that the most effective talking therapies are those where there is a good working relationship between the client and the therapist as that enables the techniques and skills used to be most effective, so finding the right therapist for you is important and if we do not fit, I can refer you if you like.

M What about my confidentiality?  I am able to offer confidentiality in line with current UK law.  I do not discuss anything about a client with anyone who does not need to know for legal reasons.  I would be duty bound to break confidentiality only under certain circumstances, such as if I became seriously concerned about your safety or that of another person, or if you disclose acts of terrorism.  Wherever possible, I would consult with you first to obtain your consent.  Please view exceptions to the duty of confidentiality here for more comprehensive information.  In line with good practice, counsellors and psychotherapists need to discuss our work with another practitioner (a supervisor) for purposes of development and evaluation but I take care not to use identifying information about clients.  My Supervisor is also registered with and held by the standards of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (our professions acting governing body).  

K How many sessions can I have? As many as you need.  A benefit to private therapy/mentoring/coaching is there is no time limit to sessions so essentially, you can have as many as you need to and go at your own pace, until you feel you do not need them anymore.  Because I value the benefits to long-term work and the professional relationship that is built over time, I offer repeat clients discounts and payment plans at their request, so that they are better able to manage their finances and not have payments for sessions as a concern, freeing them to the long-term work we can do together. 

L When will it end?  We are likely to feel when our work is approaching an end and we will discuss this so that the end is managed properly and all things are wrapped up for you.  It could also be the case that we agree a specific goal for you to attain and reaching that may mean the sessions will come to a close. 

N I can't leave my house but want face-to-face therapy, can you help?  If you are unable to leave your house at the moment (due to illness or agoraphobia) but wish to try face-to-face counselling/psychotherapy for related or unrelated issues, I am able to negotiate home visits to you if you cannot access online therapy.  Please contact me to enquire and leave your postcode in the enquiry.  Depending on the distance, an additional fee may apply for transport.  

Please enclose required information to ensure your message is as effective as possible i.e. session type, session format, your availability etc.

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