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Better Together (Sarte 1960)

Sophie is a fully qualified and BACP registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist and an experienced mentor who is also training in person to be a Reiki Master.  She has oodles of additional qualifications, including RTT Hypnotherapy, & EFT; positioning her to be in a fantastic place to support you. Sophie offers support in regards to mental wellness, spirituality, magick and using the seasonal energies to support you, personal-development, identity, inner child, female cycles, and general life coaching.  She is now taking on more online clients, so if you’re wanting to change your life, let Sophie's objective position help you break through your blocks to aid you in reaching your dreams and your potential! 


Goal Clarity ~ Life Balance ~ Mindset Shift ~ Navigating Relationship Dynamics ~ Emotional Support ~ Breaking Through Barriers ~ Story Retelling ~ Lifestyle Design ~ Habit Formation ~ Motivation ~ Holistic ~ Shadow Work

Coaching is a form of professional partnership and cooperative relationship where the coach uses their skills and experience to guide, motivate and help the client see possibilities that they currently can't.

As your coach, Sophie will adopt a wide range of different modalities to ensure their client succeeds, such as mentor, teach, give support, advice, motivation, accountability and strategy-building to help you within your life journey or to reach a specific goal.  

Working with Sophie as your coach means that she shares her knowledge and the wisdom that has gotten her to the point she is in her life today, whilst helping you discover your own wisdom and develop your capability

It is different to counselling and psychotherapy, because it is less formal and more personable and it assumes that you do not first need the services of Sophie as a therapist. 

Coaching involves learning from someone with more experience than you in a particular area so that you can reach that point too. 

You also develop autonomy - you are the master of your own life.

Life coaching helps individuals from all backgrounds reach their intended destinations. Irrespective of their current position and objectives, the client’s journey is guided by the support and advice of the life coach.
At its core, life coaching exists to help people build awareness of their capabilities and their potential and build motivation fast.
After which, it’s a case of using whatever resources are available to fulfil this potential and reach for bigger and better things.

Life coaching provides support and consultancy across a wide range of personal and professional areas – everything from personal relationships to career development to simply getting more satisfaction out of the smaller things in life.

One of the most common reasons for reaching out to a coach is to simply gain more satisfaction and fulfilment from everyday life.

It can be a really short-term intervention, think of a Q&A, quick solution-finding session, or a more long-term space for objectivity that is there for you whenever you need it.

This means a session can feel like we have just called all of the rubbish out that was holding you back, leaving you under no illusion of what you need to do next in order to reach the goal you set for yourself.


An ideal coachee is someone who: 

Loves to learn and challenge themselves, is open to change, motivated once they make a decision, wants to do their work, is ready to be held accountable to making changes and doing 'the work', has realised that they have reached their pain threshold for being at the mercy of something in their life that needs to be different now, whether that's some sort of block that you can't figure out on your own or something else.  

You don't have to know exactly what you want to achieve or have to have a specific objective in mind when reaching out to Sophie. You may feel a sense of dissatisfaction with one or more aspects of your life and are seeking professional support. You are willing to be mentored, happy to reflect on advice, open to being challenged, comfortable with being nurtured, want to evolve, grow and become a better version of yourself and develop more autonomy. 






Anxiety / Fears


Joy & Passion


I've helped clients to:

  • Develop confident, clear and compassionate communication strategies

  • Figure out their needs, desires and passions, and create concrete personal plans to make the lifestyle and thought changes needed in order to realise these

  • Live in a more authentic way that is actually serving them in the best way possible

  • Create a lifestyle that is reflective and nurturing to their True Self

  • Shift their perspectives that were holding them back from joy, love and their success

  • Obtain the skills and confidence necessary to gain the job that they want

  • Gain confidence and get onto a further education course desired with no prior qualifications

  • Gain the confidence to end abusive relationships and move into their own property

  • Raise their vibration and find motivation

  • Grow the spiritual part of their life and deepen their self-awareness massively

I make sure all new clients feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. 

During your first session (or the free initial discovery call) we will have a chat where you can ask any questions and we talk about how your life is right now and what your goals are, or what the specific issue is that you want help with. 

We will also exchange some details and review the mentoring/coaching contract, which is a formality and really it is there to keep us both safe, and you should find it answers some questions about how my services work if you have not experienced a similar service before (booking online - you will be sent and accept the contract via email prior to session taking place).

I work with people aged 18+ for coaching


Sessions are via Skype and are one hour long, are flexible with your schedule.  Clients usually like one session a fortnight which gives you chance to take the agreed actions and try things out before the next session, but it is completely up to you how often you would like them and how many you feel you need (we can discuss that during your initial session). 

The main structure of my sessions consists of:

  • Identifying your issues, addressing them and solving them

  • Getting clear on upcoming challenges and action plan them

  • Providing you with resources and tools to aid you in your journey

  • Reviewing progress and troubleshooting

  • Goal setting and accountability with lots of helpful tips

Sophie also provides email coaching if that's something you're more comfortable with, find out more here

Sophie can help you move past the challenges you're facing in your life and achieve the goals you've been dreaming of. She does this by listening intently, helping you see things in new ways, and providing you with practical tools and advice

Available to pay in full or in 3 monthly instalments

Break through your blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. Address these with Sophie in sessions to find healing and experience transformation

Sophie will provide you with her intuitive guidance, resources, meditations, practices and tools to aid you in your journey

Personalised journaling prompts after each session, goal setting and accountability as well as affirmations/mantras

Seasonal practice that will be created with your unique cycles in mind to set you up for success all year around



Single Coaching Session

Book this if you have a very specific issue you need assistance with. If you need more support, book a 3 session bundle.


3 Coaching Sessions Bundle

You may use these sessions any time within 12 months.


If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for then please apply to work with Sophie below!

You are completely free to address whatever you feel is important to you during these sessions.

Upon successful application, a 15-min discovery call with Sophie will be offered to you (please note Sophie will not be able to give advice or tools within these free calls).


Please note that coaching is not the best way forward if you need trauma focused work or support with PMDD - please see my psychotherapeutic offerings in such instances.

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