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IEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Balance/ Mindset Shifting/ Emotional Support/ Stress Management/ Subconscious Work

EFT sessions are tailored specifically to your needs, and are goal focused on shifting subconscious blocks, reducing pain etc, Progress is measured during sessions.  

I can provide EFT for you to work on yourself outside of the session - this is encouraged. 
The EFT therapy offered will be bespoke to your specific needs and wishes.  


I can help clients to:

  • Develop confident, clear and compassionate communication with the Self and others

  • Learn a variety of quick and effective stress and anxiety management techniques that work in the moment and for longer term stress management to improve mental wellness 

  • Shift perspectives that were holding them back from joy, love and their definition of success

  • Make shifts in their work, habits, & procedures that foster greater mental wellness 

Emotional Well-being

Information retention

Conflict resolution

Life satisfaction

How does it work?

  • Tapping on the specific points of the hand, head, and torso, stimulates different locations of the brain to encourage processing and healing of deeper subconscious wounds, to clear out energetic disturbances and build tolerance for unprocessed emotions. 

  • It helps the body to relax so that your nervous system (involved in the stress response) can re-regulate. 

  • In doing this, you can then have the space to learn more helpful things that replace the old beliefs that no loner serve you. 

I work with people aged 14+ for EFT therapy (parental consent must be agreed for those under 16 years of age)

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