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Psychotherapeutic Counselling Liberating You

Attachment Issues/ Anxiety​ /Bereavement /Boundaries /Career /Communication /Coping /CPTSD /Childhood PTSD /Emotional Management /Emotional Regulation /Emotional Support /Family /Relationships /Life /Nightmare Disorder /PASS (Post Abortion Stress Syndrome) /PMDD /PMS /Sleep /Stress /Well-being​ ​

  • Counselling is a form of talking therapy which helps to resolve, alleviate, better understand or help someone to cope with psychological, life or personal issues.  Supports you to resolve problems and is often a more short-term process.  When working with me, you will have my undivided attention and we can work together to resolve the issue that is causing you some sort of distress using an idiocentric, Person-centred perspective.  

  • Psychotherapy is an alternative treatment approach to medication for mental wellness issues and psychological problems.  It helps you understand your thoughts, feelings and actions more clearly and is usually a longer-term process of treatment that identifies emotional issues and the roots of difficulties, meaning it can look at the influence of the past to current feelings, thoughts, behaviours and experiences.  Psychotherapy is the therapeutic study of the mind. In working with me, you will have the space to expand your coping skills, and explore yourself to deepen your self-awareness, with me as your empathetic, sensitive, supportive and objective guide.  What's great about this approach, is you don't have to talk about the problem or past traumatic incident, or your childhood to see results and start to feel more calm and like yourself again.

  • Psychotherapeutic Counselling is a blend of counselling and psychotherapy - so you get the best of both!  More specifically I personally blend my seven formal years of psychology training with my four years of formal counselling training (and all the extra professional and personal development I undertake) to provide you with a service that can meet your needs - offering a niche understanding of psychology and mental health from clinical, trans-personal, psychospiritual, humanistic, qualitative, cognitive, behavioural, neurological, evolutionary, and physiological perspectives, and blending that with counselling theories and methodologies.  This means I can offer you a much deeper understanding of issues than counsellors not trained formally in human psychology and have a wider "toolbox" that I can draw from to help unlock you from and support you through issues, difficulties, challenges, worries, and concerns.  



First Aid

Private Online sessions

Open-minded & warm


Continuous CPD Learning

11 years FE & HE education

Bespoke sessions to you

Couples & individuals

Working in the mental health field since 2012

I have a broad range of experience, some examples of what I have helped clients to do is:

  • Work through mental health issues (including anxiety/depression) to alleviate the impact they have on their life

  • Realise and release blockages that are preventing them from moving forwards after feeling "stuck"

  • Increase their autonomy, self-esteem, self-belief, and ability to love and forgive themselves

  • Process in a compassionate way past traumas and grief, including from bereavement

  • Feel stable enough to proceed on their path with motivation and confidence

  • Take control of their thoughts and make their self-talk actually self-appreciative and helpful

  • Find the confidence to understand and confront visual hallucinations/projections and have them no longer affect or manifest for them

  • Understand their relationship with food and work through body dysmorphia (BD)

  • Heal past trauma and move forward with a positive outlook on their future 

  • Set healthy boundaries within relationships, improve communication and forgive past hurts and mistakes 

  • Understand why obsessive thoughts and behaviours occurred and gain control of them in the here and now

  • Develop a broad range of healthy coping skills to deepen autonomy & stress management in their own life

  • Undo past conditioning and release limiting self-beliefs and historical stories that are holding them back

  • Overcome persistent and repetitive worries that cause anxiety to make more room for joy and peace in their life

  • Transcend their blocks, have more energy and discover their purpose or direction in life and give it meaning again

  • Understand other people around them and be able to respond appropriately rather than emotively...

  • Find answers to "life's big questions"

  • Discover their personal identity after feeling lost and confused about who they are

  • Diminish the impact of panic attacks and learn to cope with them if they occur

  • Understand where harmful behaviours come from, that are otherwise isolating, and understand what steps to take on your healing journey

  • Alleviate the need to involve oneself in drama or create it and find a sense of peace and direction

  • Silence their inner critic and move forward with more confidence, motivation, inspiration, and hope

  • Learn to manage their energy and time so that they develop a life-balance that works for them.

  • Be a safe and confidential person to air their feelings to during the luteal phase for clients with PMDD, when things can otherwise feel too much and they don't want to talk to friends/family for various reasons.

  • Understand why they are like X and why they do X - unravel & unpick that & put them back together again.

  • Feels confident and competent as a parent through all parenting stages.

  • Work through attachment wounds that were causing issues as an adult and successfully create secure attachments

I make sure all new clients feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. 

During your first session, we will have a discussion where you can ask any questions and we talk about the primary reason for seeking therapy and/or the therapeutic goals you wish to achieve if we have not spoken about that before booking a session. 

We will also exchange some details and review the therapeutic contract, which is a legal formality and really it is there to keep us both safe, and you should find it answers some questions about how my services work if you have not experienced similar in private practice before (booking online sessions - you will read and have time to accept the contract via email).

This is also a chance to see if we would be a good fit to work together and if we aren't, I can signpost you or refer you to somewhere I think you would be able to get the help you need.

This service is only available for those with a residential address and GP registry within the UK (for those seeking to work with me who are outside of the UK, please see coaching services). I work with people aged 14+ for counselling/psychotherapy (16 - 17 year olds do not need parental/guardian consent in the UK but it is preferable, 14 & 15 year olds must be referred by a parent/legal guardian).

What Clients Say

Counselling with Sophie exceeded my expectations. She created a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where I could talk openly. Sophie is very understanding and is very easy to talk to. Sophie gave me excellent advice and support to help me through a very difficult and stressful point in my life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sophie to anyone who is finding life difficult. Thank you so much for getting my life back on track. It means a lot and I know my family would echo my thanks.

— L.C.

~ Sessions are for 50 mins 

~ I also provide 80-minute sessions for those who want to go deeper, cover more, or feel they have a lot to say and 50 minutes doesn't seem enough [If you would like longer sessions tailored to you, please enquire with an outline of what you would like included]. 

~ Payments are typically made via BACS or PayPal 

~ I offer a sliding scale fee structure starting from £30

Telephone consultation: up to 10 mins = free (for if you aren't sure what service is right for you & you'd like to chat first) 


Weekend & bank holiday fees are different - Find out more information, including the booking process

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