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Wellness * Empowerment * Authenticity

My name is Sophie and I support people therapeutically with mental & life wellness. 

I provide RTT Hypnotherapypsychotherapeutic counselling, mentoring, and coaching online via digital-remote methods such as video-conferencing, via the telephone, & via instant-live messaging, to your home, office, or anywhere you find safe and private.


I draw holistically from many different therapeutic approaches and evidence-based methods to meet your individual needs and goals - each session is bespoke to you.


I can be the one constant and safe person in your life, no matter what else is happening. I can witness your experiences & help to guide you to what is important to you or help you to figure that out if you're ever feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed.

My core therapeutic style is in Person-centred counselling and this is always at the heart of my services. It means I believe everyone has the power to access their best version of themselves and blossom into their most authentic Self. It also means that I treat you with warmth, compassion and acceptance so that you may flourish.


In practice, I am integrative which means that I draw from many therapeutic and psychological approaches because I believe that no one model fits all so enjoy a variety to best meet the needs of my clients.


I do take a trauma-informed approach to therapy which means where possible, we look to understand and heal the root of the symptoms you are experiencing, such as anxiety, people pleasing etc. 


I have many areas of interest; my primary five would be identity, anxiety and related issues (e.g. OCD, BFRB), bereavement, including grief and loss, stress, and women's issues (such as PMDD, PME, PMT, PASS).


I am also happy to use the pronouns you prefer, Neurodiverse and LGBTQIA+ friendly.

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Really loving keeping on top of everythi

As Seen In:

"No matter where you go, your mind is always with you."

What Clients Say

Ever since I've met Sophie I've done nothing but progress.  Having her help gave me comfort, like before I had nobody and lived sheltered away from others but she helped change that and I can really see myself progressing in confidence and even coping has been a gift I couldn't have gotten off anybody else.  Sophie truly saved me from a bad outcome in my future and I'm eternally grateful for that and look forward to meeting her again.  Working with her is amazing, she is so kind so I am able to open up to her, the atmosphere is calming and her dedication is great when it comes to giving me the resources I needed such as the coping paper.  Overall, she was the best person I could've turned to and I'm super lucky to have met her, thank you!

— J.W.

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