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Wellness Magick

This is a book for the magickal or spiritual soul who wants to build a solid foundation to their everyday wellbeing so that they can live an enchanted life, illuminated with the glow of their own authentic Self

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  • The White Witch's Podcast episode Music Witch (Feb 18th 2021)

  • Mandi See's YouTube Channel (27th March 2021)

About the Book

Wellness Magick is a modern-day spiritual yet practical guide for creating a solid foundation to your everyday wellbeing.

It is a book for spiritual people who are excited by the idea of using magick combined with psychotherapy to enhance their personal growth, improve their mental health, and support their general wellbeing.

In this practical self-help book, heart-centred and spiritual psychotherapist, counsellor, life coach, and reiki-practitioner, Sophie L Robinson, walks you through five sections focusing on each of the five elements found within modern witchcraft. Each section contains simple yet powerful exercises, spells, rituals, card spreads, journal prompts and sage wisdom, helping you to cultivate your mind to best serve you, and craft a life that you whole-heartedly love so that you can stand in your power as your true authentic and totally magickal self.

By the end of this book, you’ll understand how magick can assist you throughout your life, develop practices that support your wellbeing, help you to improve relationships, build resiliency to things not going quite as planned, overcome mental blocks, deepen your self-awareness, and have a toolbox full of ideas, rituals, and spells that can be adapted at any point to suit your needs, no matter where your path leads.


Sophie has created an immensely readable book, addressing psychological wellness with ancient spiritual wisdom and a modern Witches' methods.  This is a very unique approach to establishing individual and collective well being and is a must-have for anyone seeking to live an authentic, expansive and joyful life.

Fiona Horne

Best selling author, & lead signer of Def FX

This is a fantastic, practical modern day guide for women interested in deepening their spiritual connection and exploring a grounded way to work with Wicca - highly recommend!

Emma Mumford

Bestselling Author of Spiritual Queen, & Positively Wealthy

As a whole, this book flows beautifully; it’s well-written, extremely informative, and highly engaging. The use of the elements to split the book into sections gives great structure and will allow the reader to easily use it as a reference guide when they want to find a particular section. This book was a delight to read, and I have the utmost confidence that your readers will enjoy it every bit as much as I did. ☺ I loved it!

Jesse Lynne Smart

Proof-reader & Editor - Glastonbury UK

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