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From PMDD Pain to Pre-menstrual Revelation

Really? Revelation premestrually? Yes. I'm going to guess you read my previous post which explained what PMDD is and the nuance of how I experienced this (If you haven't, please read that first for better context of this post - linked below) and I am going to take you through what I have learnt at this point in my menstrual health journey.

Brief background

I was 26 when I first noticed symptoms, about 4 months later I received diagnosis via gynaecologist in NHS GP practice. I gave birth in Jan 2021 and breastfed for exactly 2 years. I had not found any help from NHS for PMDD and hormonal insomnia since then.

What has helped

I saw an RTT Hypnotherapist in October 2022 which helped me to understand the underlying trauma behind some of my symptoms. This enabled me to work on these in my own healing work.

I have been in therapy on and off since 2016 for having a therapists insight on working through specific things and for general emotional support, but specifically psychotherapy related to PMDD symptoms/management since April 2021, I now have sessions at least quarterly to keep on top of things which I would do regardless of any PMDD.

Wild Power by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer, was instrumental in breaking down the shame about my hormonal sensitivity that was keeping me stuck in the unhelpful aspects of it all. This book and the other resources provided by Red School, the authors' company, are fantastic resources that I would send any menstruating person to in order to learn about Menstrual Cycle Awareness and Cyclical Living.

Natasha Richardsons' book, was and is still very helpful in giving me one succinct source for all my herbal remedy wishes with regards to what can support healing and improvement of certain symptoms associated with the cycle.

The wonderful Maisie Hills' book, was very helpful in giving me a firm foundation and understanding of the deeper intricacy of our menstrual cycle within our whole body system and how other things play into it. This enabled me to see how different biological things could be contributing the unpleasant experience I was having.

Joining a support group enabled me to go through this healing journey with some other people who understood what it was, and weren't going to make out like it was "just bad PMS" because it isn't (and please don't say that to someone who tells you they have PMDD or suspects that they do). Having this safe place helped me to be more assertive about applying what I needed to to be able to maintain the changes that were necessary to heal and keep the PMDD managed. If you are interested in learning more about the group I joined, please contact me and I will share details with you.

My choices were to remain open to all solutions however, I wanted to thoroughly explore non-hormonal and non-invasive solutions because that's just what aligns with my value system - that is right for me. That option isn't resonant with everyone and you have to honor what is right for you too. The way I live my life and organize my life is different now and I love it! I'm so grateful to the knowledge I have been able to absorb from the fantastic women in the field of women's health (physical, mental and spiritual).

I can't be specific about the healing work that I have had to do because that's a personal journey and won't be like yours if this is something you sense you need to do also. I can say, however, that I am proud of my progress and dedication to this healing work. I can safely say that I no longer meet the criteria for PMDD and long may that continue!

Should you like to work with me as your personal therapeutic guide on your own healing journey, then please reach out via my contact page.

Blessed be,


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