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My Miracle Morning Routine

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

It's well accepted now that it's a good idea to start as you mean to go on (which is good advice for more than a morning). I was first inspired to really scrutinise my morning routine after coming across Hal Elrod's great book, "The Miracle Morning".

I went through a phase of a few months where I really stuck to Hal's particular method and it was a great experience, one that I thank for helping me to become more of a 'morning person', especially in the Winter when I find it hard not to surrender to hibernation. Importantly, it highlighted for me the fact that we all work differently in the morning and that perhaps I could find something which better suits my particular goals and needs (that is something I help my clients discover).

My morning routine actually starts by having a good night-time routine but provided all is well, I will wake up naturally, so without an alarm. I do set one as a back up but don't use it as my intended waking up time. During the dark half of the year, it's slightly different as I will set my sunrise clock to a particular time so I feel as though I am waking up to sunshine which I find greatly helps to motivate me to get out of bed when it's not so warm and dark out.

A photo of the best bed for us to have our dreams in, complete with a Tia cat <3

I use a basal thermometer so before sitting up, I reach across and take a reading and log that in the app on my phone but I don't put the wifi on yet. I may then put on a guided meditation or set a timer on my phone to meditate while I am still in a "waking up" state. I find that I can have very interesting meditations at this time and its a gentle way for me to wake up and begin my day. I then do a grounding and protection visualisation.

Then I will get out of bed and make it, part of the tidy space - tidy mind philosophy but also because I have achieved something already and it feels so much better to get into a bed on the evening that is neat and inviting.

Next, I go downstairs and make a pot of tea (unless my wonderful hubby has already made me one), bring that upstairs and journal about the meditation, dreams or anything that pops up while drinking the tea.

When the tea is finished, I will brush my teeth using waste-free toothpaste, with my non-dominant hand as that has been shown to help strengthen the neural connections between the two halves of the brain and enhance creativity which is crucial for problem solving. While brushing, I have some affirmations that I read and focus on. Reading affirmations in the morning has been something I've done since I was a tween and is something I value greatly still.

I then move to my meditation space and set my intentions for the day and review my long-term goals. I will sit there in quiet to centre myself until I feel ready to move.

I will then either do a routine of yoga for 10-30 minutes or a cardio workout, which ever my body is feeling more like that day. I may shower and dress - ready to start the day feeling motivated, energised, refreshed, clear, capable and optimistic!

I urge you to devise and write out your own morning routine, try it for 3 weeks and then fine-tune. Keep doing so and reviewing until you create something that really works for you and sets you up to have the best day possible.

Authenticity, Wisdom, Love - Sophie

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