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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

In mental health services, there is often the pressure for them to be time-limited and strictly solution-focused, which usually means the client misses out on gaining real and valuable depth into their issue or themselves, and they don’t get the breadth of understanding that they deserve which will carry them forward. Additionally, I have seen that it is often the case that people are passed around, they move or there are gaps in between therapy and that results in clients having to go back to square one with a different therapist each time. This can be painful and actually a massive barrier resulting in delaying therapy or forgoing it altogether. It’s all inconsistent and I have found much like with children and when trying to build a good habit, consistency is key.

Having been on a very active journey with my own mental health and well-being, but also having witnessed or been a part of other people’s own journeys, I embarked on a path from a very early age that would put me in a place to offer an open-minded and holistic way of overcoming mental health or personal issues which had its foundations in evidence-based psychology.

In addition to opening my own private practice where I could set my own ways of working with my clients in a way that was of the most benefit to them, I decided to offer psychotherapeutic counselling, mentoring and coaching online via live-video so that my client could be anywhere in relation to me and it would not matter so long as we both had an internet connection and a camera.

This also meant that clients can work with me and if either of us re-located, we could continue our therapeutic relationship and I could effectively be with my client for their whole journey, whenever they wanted. And because I place so much value on mental well-being being a journey for life, I can offer great rewards and benefits for my clients who chose to work with me and commit to their mental well-being for the long-haul.

So I’m on this mission to provide a totally holistic and bespoke psycho-therapeutic counselling, coaching and mentoring service which is dynamic and flexible to match the needs of my clients no-matter their difficulty, budget or location. Looking after mental well-being is definitely hard until you get into the swing of it but success doesn’t need to have unnecessary obstacles put in its way and it isn’t a journey anyone has to go alone. I know it’s possible for all of my clients to have a beautiful mind, (one that can navigate challenges successfully, is peaceful yet full of wonder, be open to receiving and giving love and joy, contains a supportive voice that uplifts themselves and others and can trust in themselves) and live their beautiful and authentic life because they have a beautiful, authentic mind.

If anything that you have read has resonated with you or you know it might just be something someone else in your life could benefit from right now, then I welcome you to drop me a message where I can answer your questions or jump right in and book a session with me today. You can also read the post on online versus in-person therapy for more information on the differences.

Wishing you the most magickal of days,

Sophie xo

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