Online Therapy - are you missing out on anything compared to in-person therapy?

Updated: Mar 21

Online therapy has gained popularity over the past few years and can be beneficial in many ways. This post outlines some research into the topic to date and the benefits to clients.

Research is consistently showing that online therapy is as effective as in person therapy (links below) and so I am proud to offer this option as part of Sophie Wild Robin. Early research has suggested that clients of online therapy show more stability with treatment outcomes (the benefits to therapy) over time. Studies are being conducted that compare the effectiveness of the different components of therapy which are considered central to its success. Current research has provided confidence that there are no detriments to therapies success and components like working alliance (ability to build rapport, share issues and openly communicate) when receiving therapy online.

I offer psychotherapeutic counselling online via secure video conferencing to your home, office or wherever you feel safe and is private. You only need a good internet connection (streaming video without issue is a good gauge) and a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Using headphones or earbuds increases the feeling of privacy and improves sound quality for us both. So what are the benefits to you:

  • You can have therapy anywhere that is comfortable and convenient for you

  • You are not having to add travel time or costs into the equation

  • You have a greater choice of therapists than if you were restricted by location

  • Having fewer visual distractions often encourages focus and concentration

  • You may find that you are more comfortable online or that it is easier to talk from somewhere you know

  • I am able to provide continuous support even if either of us relocates or you go on holiday or a business trip abroad

  • I can be more flexible with scheduling than I can for my services in-person, meaning that it is easier for me to work around your schedule (just ask if a slot you want isn't available, I might be able to open one for you)

Links to research:

I follow the BACP guidelines for working online and in-person as a therapist.

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