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These are the ways that you can have a session with me:-

~ face-to-face in-person (at my office)

~ live video-link online (also known as telehealth)

~ instant live messaging (such as via Skype messaging)

telephone (normal phone if in the UK or audio only video if not in the UK)

~ email services

Read more about each one below

Formats & Modes of Working

Face-to-face, in-person, at my office

These sessions are the traditional way to meet a therapist. I offer psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, mentoring and reiki in this mode. To book, simply follow the instructions at the top of the FAQ section. If you would like to learn more about the actual therapy space you'd be entering into, then you can do so here.  The space is private & optimised for therapy.


Live video-link, online

This is meeting with me in my virtual office space. This works when you cannot or do not want to attend in-person sessions for psychotherapy, counselling, coaching or mentoring. As long as you have a stable internet connection, webcam/camera and somewhere you find safe and private to talk, this is a really easy and convenient way to access therapy. If you're concerned about the differences between accessing services in-person versus online then you can read more here. To book, simply follow the instructions on the FAQ section and you can find out more for how online sessions work here which I strongly suggest that you read if you choose this mode. I have been using Skype for the last two years and myself and clients have found it to be safe, reliable and easy. I am currently trialling a different software and will communicate whether I am switching over to that if I make the choice to.

Live video

Instant, live messaging

This mode of delivery involves the session taking place solely through direct, instant messaging, via Skype. It works when you want a session but cannot go anywhere where it's safe or private for a video-session or call. I offer psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and mentoring this way. The set-up and booking process is exactly the same as a live video-link online session. To book, simply follow the instructions on the FAQ section for online sessions.

Live messaging


I offer psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and mentoring via a traditional telephone call if you are in the UK and an audio only Skype call if you are outside of the UK. This works well if you're not in a space where you can access a video session or you wish an intervention with minimal set-up, or you simply don't wish to appear on camera. To book, follow the same instructions as online sessions in the FAQ section and also read the FAQ regarding telephone sessions.



I offer email psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and mentoring. There is more information on the web page about this service which you can view by clicking here. This tends to be popular if people have a very specific query they would like support with but aren't ready for a more interactive mode yet or do not want to enter into therapy or coaching as such.

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