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Introducing my debut book

Hello, and thank you for expressing curiosity about my first book! I am now a signed author with a UK publisher and currently working on my full manuscript after successful submission of my book proposal. I am very excited! Not only am I honoured to create a book that I really hope helps a lot of people but anyone who knows me, knows how much of a book worm I have always been. So to add my own creation to all of the other books out there feels really special. Books are practically sentient in my eyes after all!

The book will be a self-help book that aims to provide readers with a solid foundation for their mental wellness, in the framework of what worked for me. This book will appeal most to people who are spiritual, spiritually-curious and open-minded or follow a wiccan or neo-pagan path and perhaps have an interest in magick, however, you do not have to be a magickal practitioner to make use of the book. It will be part memoir and then the directed self-help portion will follow.

I can't say anything more than that at this stage but it is expected to appear in bookstores (Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel) in the UK and USA in Summer 2020 and then slightly after in Canada and other countries!

If you feel that you have a book in you, memoir, fiction, non-fiction; I hope you find the courage to write because it is a truly magickal process in itself!

Authenticity, Wisdom, Love,

Sophie xo

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