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What I Do

Spiritual & Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Personal Mentoring &

Life Coaching

The formats/modes services are available via:

  • live video-link online (also known as telehealth)

  • instant live messaging (such as via Skype messaging)

  • the telephone (normal phone if in the UK or audio only video if not in the UK)

  • email services

Read more about each one here

What Clients Say

I am grateful to have found a good therapist in Sophie, she's helped/helping me so much. She not only helps when I just need someone to talk to but actually works with me to make progress. We set goals, and try to actually make improvements. I already see a difference in the 8 months we have been working together. She is very kind, and patient. She exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her. 

— S.J.

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